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Located in Los Angeles, G2 Sound is a company that was created in response to the changing audio needs of the entertainment industry due to the advent of new technologies, genres and media outlets. In 1996, founder Glenn Gaines incorporated music studio digital multi-tracking equipment and techniques into field recording on feature films. It was a huge hit with editors; they were no longer "married" to the mix from the field. For the first time, they were able to bring in each of the individual recorded tracks and modify the mix to best fit the picture. In 1999, he was the first to incorporate non-linear multi-track recording technologies into the Reality Television field. The techniques and protocols that were established by our team have led to the current established practices that are still considered "industry standard". Today, with our full adoption of the Dante digital audio protocol, we are on the leading edge of the audio technology boom. This allows us faster and cleaner setups, quick reconfiguration and the highest level of reliability and quality. To our clients this translates to: YES, WE CAN DO THAT!!

Our mantra: If better technology exists, use it... If not, create it!

G2 Sound has provided equipment , personnel and audio services on hundreds of films (The Fourth Floor, Black and White, Guinevere) and television shows (The Biggest Loser, Master Chef, RuPaul's Drag Race, The Next, For Love or Money, Beauty and the Geek). We have provided equipment, recording and mixing services for the broadcast of live performances by numerous major musical artists (Matchbox 20, Big and Rich, Alanis Morrisette, Rod Stewart, Joe Jonas, The Barenaked Ladies, to name a few) and we have worked with all of the major networks.

We are constantly striving to find, create and incorporate new technologies and to continuously raise the bar on the quality of broadcast and live audio.
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